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Why choose

All our manufacturing partners are in Mexico and South Asia

We specialize in low volume, high mix manufacturing, and offer nearshoring solutions with production facilities in Mexico. This allows us to provide cost-effective and efficient services. Our dedicated team is committed to innovation and excellence, making us a trusted partner for all your requirements. Experience the difference with our superior performance and outstanding service.


Over 100 years of combined experience in manufacturing and assembling PCBs

Partnering with world-class PCBA manufacturers in Mexico and abroad, renown for their innovation and reliability

Nearshoring from Mexico, USMCA-compliant competitive advantages

Affordable pricing for multiple types and layer counts of PCBA

On-time delivery, excellence in service and stringent quality standards

Total Material Control: consignment and Turnkey Porjects with MRP system

Able to meet your low volume, high mix requirements

X-Ray Inspection System and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

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We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for our customers' complex PCB and PCBA needs, aiming to become their most trusted partner.

With a total of over 100 years of engineering experience at Tier 1 EMS, CM, and OEM companies, our mission is to deliver efficient and tailored solutions for your fabrication and assembly requirements


Technology, Quality, Responsiveness, Delivery & Cost.

Our Model is entirely customer-driven. Each component is designed to satisfy our customers needs and positively impact their products and services.

Your inventory is managed in Silicon Valley and Monterrey, Mexico!

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